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  • BathroomLife.com - A huge source of bathroom humor: farting, pooping, peeing, burping, and vomiting. Also take the Bathroom Habits Survey.
  • DancingBush.com - Funny video of George W. Bush dancing.
  • ChickenJoke.com - Funny answers to the question "why did the chicken cross the road?".
  • WhichisWorse.com - Vote on which choice is worse in various situations.
  • GoodQuotes.com - proverbs, bumper stickers, silly quotes, Murphy's laws, gravestones, pickup lines, mistranslations, celebrity quotes, answering machine messages, famous last words and more.
  • CrazyThoughts.com - A funny list of life's unanswered questions.
  • Online Pranks - Play practical jokes on your friends and family on the Web.
  • Forward Garden - You know those funny emails that you get forwarded to you? This site lists thousands of them, such as strange facts, top 10 lists, chain letters, tests, religious humor, oddball stories, jokes, and funny poems.
  • ExcuseList.com - The largest list of excuses on the web: school, work, church, diet, sports, and more.
  • OxymoronList.com - The largest list of oxymorons (contradictory words) ever collected online.
  • Palindromelist.com - A huge list of Palindromes, which are words or phrases that read the same backwards or forwards.
  • The $95,093.35 check - On a whim, Patrick Combs deposited into his bank's ATM machine one of those "fake" checks you get in a junk mail letter, never expecting it to get cashed. But, to his surprise, they did cash it. That was only the beginning of his fascinating true story. Hear his amazing saga from beginning to end.
  • Sending Fun - Funny animations you can send to your friends.
  • eLibs - Mad Libs, where you can browse 1000's of stories that our users have created or you can create your own.
  • Comic Strips - Read your favorite comic strips online: Peanuts, Garfield, Dilbert, B.C., Cathy, Doonesbury, Healthcliff, Rugrats, Wizard of Id, Ziggy, and over 100 more.
  • Free Jokes By E-Mail - Subscribe for free to daily email magazines such as Laff A Day (Jokes), Dear Abby (Advice), Daily Horoscopes, Pet Connection, Entertainment Today, Bizarre News, Wrestling News (WWF, WCW & NWO), Film & TV Quotes, Time Capsules (Significant Events on This Day in History), The Daily Recipe, & Quote of the Day.
  • Funky Pages - Hundreds of funny photos, cartoons, sound clips, and brain teasers.
  • I Used To Believe - The childhood beliefs site.
  • FunnyName.com - The funny name server.
  • Comics - Online comic strips including the wizzard of id, lil abner, and more.
  • National Lampoon - The same great company that brought you Animal House and Vacation have a hilarious website.
  • LaughNet - An assortment of jokes, song parodies, and more, including a section on why beer is better than cucumbers.
  • One Stop Jokes - Jokes are categorized by Bathroom jokes, Bill Clinton, Blonde, Cheesy, Computer, and more. Their famous quotes section is very entertaining.
  • Humor Search - HumorSearch.com is a humor search engine and leading online humor community.
  • Humor.com - Here you will find jokes, weird news, comics and more.
  • Prank Calls - Download prank calls with sound effects and voices.