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03/12/04-Added Music Bios. So far I have A Perfect Circle and Aaliyah.
03/13/04-Added Adema, Afroman, AFI and Christina Aguilera to Music Bios
              -Added WWE Superstar Bios. So far I only got Al  Snow
03/15/04-Changed site template.
              - Added Air, Alexisonfire and Ali to Music Bios
              - Added Batista, Booker T and Bubba Ray Dudley
03/16/04-Added Alien Ant Farm, All Sytems Go, The All-American Rejects, American Hi-Fi, Amerie, Anastacia, Andrew W.K., Ashanti and Richard Ashcroft 2 Music Bios.
03/18/04-Added At the Drive-In, The Ataris, Atmosphere, Atomic Kitten, Audioslave and The Avalanches to Music Bios.
            -Added Music to Put On Your Page.
03/27/04-Added new music to (mostly) all the pages
              - Added Music to Put on Your Page 2
04/03/04- It's a drag filling the news every time I update sumthin on here so the News page is goinfg to be deleted.