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Romance Links

  • GoodFlowers.com - Send virtual flowers to anyone online.
  • Love Calculator - With The Love Calculator you can calculate the probability on a successful relationship between two people.
  • Celebmatch.com - Ever wanted to know how compatible your are with Britney Spears, Anna Kournikova or Brad Pitt? Or wanted to know who's your most compatible celebrity love?
  • Do you have a crush? - eCRUSH allows you to find out if someone you know has a crush on you, with no risk of rejection. eSPIN-the-Bottle lets you play spin the bottle online.
  • Dating Fun - Your complete dating resource from pick-up to break-up: dating stories, date ideas, dining guides, and more.
  • eSpin The Bottle - A new twist on an old game. It's a quick and easy way to meet new people online and find out if they want to meet you - without the risk of rejection.
  • Friend Finder - Browse through an unending list of personal ads, including penpals and activity partners. Friend Finder has over 4 Million registered members!
  • Which *NSYNC Member is Your Soulmate? - which member of *NSYNC best matches up with you? We've researched the personalities, likes and dislikes of the group. We've compiled all their traits, quirks and natures, and entered it into our ENIAC SV-7/Googlebyte Supercomputing Station, which has spit out a way for you to find out which member you'd match up best with.
  • Who Do You Love? - Fun site with many different categories about love, including Love Chat, Love Cards, Love Horoscope and more!
  • Virtual Kiss - Everything you always wanted to know about kissing but were afraid to ask. Kiss stories, Kiss astrology, a kissing school and more.
  • Teen Matchmaker - Searching for a pen-pal to discuss last week's Alias show, or wanting to meet new friends who also heat up to 98 degrees? Matchmaker.com's Teen-Talk is the leading online community enabling secure connections between teens with similar interests or needs.
  • Flirt - A free place to find love in Real Time. Chat, personal ads, and fashion advice from Elle magazine.
  • Love Stories - Get romantic with ideas and resources on how to spice up your relationship.
  • Secret Admirer - Send a secret admirer message. Find out if your crush feels the same about you!
  • 389 Reasons - 389 reasons to go out with me. I'm Dale a really nice guy.
  • Geek Advice - Dating advice for geeks.
  • Love Test - The original internet love test. Also features relationship, love, and romance advice.
  • Cyber Dating - Dating services, pen pals, safety tips, email cards and flowers, personal stories, chat room, and more. Excellent resource for online relationships.
  • Romance Institute - ask romance coach Leslie, plus romantic movies guys like & more