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Al Snow

Al Snow

Height: 6 foot
Weight: 234 pounds
From: Lima, Ohio
Finishing Move: Snow Plow
Career Highlights: Head trainer on Tough Enough series; European Champion; Hardcore Champion; WWE Tag Team Champion

In the ring and at the announcers booth, Al Snows wacky antics and an obsession with a mannequin head have made him one of the most charismatic superstars in WWE history. As head of the Job Squad, Snow combined his bizarre ways with toughness and excellent in-ring technical skills to become one of the most feared Hardcore Champions to ever hold the belt.

After a successful run as head trainer on the Tough Enough series where he was a key figure in the development of several WWE Superstars, Snow took on a new role next to Jonathan Coachman as an announcer on Sunday Night HEAT. The duo became so successful so fast that they felt that being HEAT announcers was not enough and soon challenged Jim Ross and Jerry The King Lawler for control of the Monday Night RAW announcing duties. For two weeks the plan worked and Snow enjoyed being part of the RAW announce team, only to see the position go back to J.R. and The King when Coachman lost to J.R. in a match.

Although Al Snow may spend more time at the booth than in the ring these days, whenever the question is asked, what does everybody want? WWE fans everywhere still shout "Head" out of respect to this WWE Superstar.